How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings in McAllen, Texas

How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings in McAllen, Texas

No matter the situation, convincing people to attend meetings is hard. But for homeowners, HOA meetings are ones they shouldn't overlook. And with nearly 65% of Americans owning homes, there's a good chance some homeowners will be part of HOAs.

If you're wondering how to drum up attendance at HOA meetings, you've come to the right place. Read on to find out!

Advertise Widely

First, be sure that homeowners know about the meetings. If you have a social media presence for the HOA board, use it to get the word out. And if you don't have a social media presence, you should establish one and connect with members of your community.

Use a template to design a lively advertisement where you state the time and location of the meeting. Then publish it online and share it widely. Answer any questions posted to your page, too, so homeowners are more likely to come.

Provide Advance Notice

Beyond creating an advertisement, you'll want to keep an eye on the timetable. Especially for homeowners with kids, advance notice is critical. They may need to make childcare arrangements.

Try to advertise a series of meetings in one posting. For example, you could hold meetings on the first Monday of every month for consistency. Publish a schedule so community members can enter the dates into their calendars.

At the same time, make the meeting location accessible. Choose a clubhouse or nearby community space that can accommodate a crowd. And aim to schedule meetings for evenings, when most people are off from work.

Stick to an Agenda

Long meetings that drag on forever won't exactly entice homeowners to keep coming back. You need to make sure that you have a clear agenda and that you stick to it for efficient meetings.

If you allow ten minutes for a discussion on clubhouse renovations, don't go beyond that number. Attendees will appreciate productive meetings. You could even publish the agenda prior to the meetings to help encourage homeowners to attend, plus the meeting minutes.

And keep your meetings exciting! Let guest speakers have the platform for an informative segment at each meeting. And include visuals and snacks so attendees stay engaged.

Get Attendees Involved

There are so many benefits to HOAs, and you want your community members to see this. An easy step in the right direction is to permit community discussion and involvement. Consider allowing an open discussion agenda item as part of your meetings, for instance.

Or create committees to attract community members with specialized interests and talents. This could mean creating a landscaping committee to enhance curb appeal in the neighborhood. Or it could mean establishing an event committee to oversee block parties and other fun gatherings.

Increase Attendance at HOA Meetings

HOA meetings can be an excellent opportunity to bring together community members. But you'll need to incentivize attendance first. Advertise your meetings and share agendas beforehand.

And offer opportunities for community members to share their talents and voices through committees. Need help with property management? Contact PMI today!