3 Tips for Effective Property Marketing in McAllen, TX

3 Tips for Effective Property Marketing in McAllen, TX

In 2022, 8.2 million Americans moved to Texas, and one can expect this number to be just as high for 2023 and 2024.

Among the many cities where real estate investments are made, McAllen is a great choice. It's located on the Mexican-US border and attracts residents from both countries.

But there's one catch to owning property in McAllen: the competition! The only way to make your real estate stand out is through effective property marketing.

Here's what you should do:

1. Getting the Perfect Shot

The first step for property marketing in McAllen, TX is to hire a professional photographer for your property's interior and exterior.

One key tip is to minimize distractions in the photos. For example, the home's front should have an empty driveway. Likewise, remove all tools and equipment from the backyard.

Inside the home, you should remove any extra furniture, decor items, etc. The rooms should look spacious. Any clutter will be less appealing to potential tenants.

You can also create a video tour of the property. If you offer photos and a video tour, you'll likely attract more potential tenants.

2. Create a Landing Page

One way to stand out is to create a landing page dedicated to showcasing your properties. On this landing page, you can share photos of each property.

You can also write detailed descriptions of each property. Make sure you discuss what amenities are available for each property. You may wish to hire a professional copywriter to write these descriptions.

If you have previous tenants, ask them to write a testimonial. They should discuss their experience living in the property.

They should also discuss their positive experience with you as a landlord. This is one of the best ways to ensure tenant renewals.

Your landing page should also have your contact information. If possible, create a contact form where potential tenants can email you. You can also create a chatbot option. With a chatbot, potential tenants can have basic questions answered.

You can also share your property on online rental platforms. However, this should be in addition to creating your landing page.

3. Reach Out to Potential Tenants Directly

Rather than waiting for tenants to come to you, consider reaching out to them directly. You can also hire property managers to help you with this.

Let's say you wish to offer your properties to tourists for short-term rentals. You can find Facebook groups catered to travelers. Use these groups to advertise your property.

If you wish to rent your property to students, you can hang flyers at local universities. Don't hesitate to discuss your properties at social events, networking mixers, etc. Your network might be the best resource for finding tenants.

Succeed With Property Marketing

Now you know how to succeed with effective property marketing in McAllen, Texas.

Start by hiring a professional photographer for your properties. They should take photos of your home's interior and exterior. Try to also get a video tour made for each property.

The next step is to create a landing page for each property. You can also reach out to potential tenants directly.

Once you find tenants, you'll need a skilled property manager to assist you. PMI RGV has over 20 years of experience and can help you.